How To Create Your Own Info-Product Packages

Here’s an amazingly simple way to create your “own” online product in as little as 2 hours…

You’re going to create a themed product “package” featuring related Info-Products.

By bundling together a selection of Ebooks or Info-Reports on any niche subject, you can create a unique and highly profitable product in no time.

Creating your own unique niche product offer requires just two basic steps:

1. Develop the product.

Bundle a related group of Ebooks, or Info-Products. Obviously you’ll need a list of products with “Master Resale Rights” to pick and choose from. Click here for a fine selection of products with Resale Rights.

2. Create a web site.

Upload the products to your web host, create a sales letter and thank-you page, add a payment button, Paypal or JVZoo and start marketing your new Info-Product package via your email list, website/blog, Facebook ads, Google paid ads, etc.

Your product really doesn’t need more than 2 pages: your sales page (as I just covered), and a download, or “thank you” page…

On the download page, you should thank the customer for his/her order, and provide them with the download link to your files.

Although selling other people’s products through affiliate programs, or buying the rights to products, can serve as extremely effective ways to make a living online, there’s just “something about” creating your OWN product that offers a sense of pride and satisfaction like nothing else can!

So hopefully today’s article has taken you a couple BIG steps towards doing just that!