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How to make an Ebook with Ebook software

Basically, an Ebook is just a text document, formatted to be read on a digital device, like a PC, iPad, or Ebook reader like Kindle or Nook, etc.

There are many software packages available to create and compile your Ebooks. The most popular formats are .PDF, .PUB, .MOBI or .EXE format. Adobe’s “Portable Document Format” or PDF is the oldest Ebook format and also the most used in the world.

The advantage of .PDF Ebooks is that they can be read on any computer, Mac and Windows PC’s included. All you need to read a .PDF file is the free Acrobat Reader software.

You can get a free copy of Adobe Reader by clicking here.

To create .PDF documents you need the Adobe Acrobat program. The problem is that is costs a lot of money… Now,  let me guess… you don’t want to spend that much, right? 🙂 But there’s no need to buy Adobe Acrobat when you can use free Ebook creation services.

If you want to convert a text document into an Ebook, then you an use the free online site Zamzar. Zamzar can convert PDF to Word, DOC to PDF, WORD to PDF, and much more, as you can see in the screenshot below:


Here’s the link: http://www.zamzar.com

Here are 2 other online services that will compose your Ebook for free:

Another simple way to create an Ebook is to export your file to Google Docs and then download it in Epub format. Epub books can be read by all computers.

– Another free option is MS Word to EPUB Converter. This tool will turn MS Word documents into Epub format. The interface looks clear and is easy to use. Once you have your Word document, you can then simply convert it within minutes.

There’s also the Kindle Ebook Format.

Kindle Ebooks are sold by Amazon, and come in the .MOBI format. MOBI is a cross-platform. Ebooks in this format can have the .PRC or .MOBI extension. MOBI formatted Ebooks are best for smaller screens because the image size limitation of 64K.

You can convert almost every document with the free Calibre Ebook program. Here’s the link: http://www.calibre-ebook.com

Calibre has a built-in editor that allows you to edit Ebooks in the most popular formats, EPUB and AZW3 (Kindle). The program has a live preview showing the effect of your changes as you make them and includes a comprehensive checking tool that can find many of the most common errors in book structure and formatting and even fix some of them automatically.

Format your Ebook on Fiverr.

If you want to convert your Ebook file into the popular Kindle format, so you can sell your Ebook on Amazon’s online bookstore, you can do it here. Turn any .pdf, Word .doc, .txt, or html document into a Kindle supported Ebook file, so your book can be read on the Kindle reader.

For more Ebook formatting options, click here to format books for Smashwords, Createspace or Lulu.

You can start with these free services, to turn your Word or HTML file into a real Ebook file.

-What about the .EXE Ebook format?

Ebooks can also come in the .EXE format, made for Windows PC’s, so I don’t recommend you to use this format. You want your Ebook to reach as many people as possible, and not limit it to Windows only. But should you want to use this format, then here’s a program that will do the job.

– Activ EBook Compiler

Activ EBook Compiler is a simple and straightforward program with an intuitive Windows based user interface. It comes with full instructions explaining exactly how to create your own Ebooks. You can download and use a fully working version for free. With this demo you can only create Ebooks no longer than 10 pages, but you can not sell them. If you want to sell them, you need to register the software.
Click here to test drive the Activ E-book Compiler

Good luck!